Jamie Lidell + Les Champs-Élysées = Ben L’Oncle Soul

He’s french. Can sing like the most soulful bird on the block. His videos are très hip. And he covers the Spice Girls. Color me smitten.

his wiki page is in his native language, but i could make out that he was born in ’84 and hails from Tours (sorry Mrs. Critelli, i forgot everything from high school). in 2010, he released his first full length album, “Ben L’Oncle Soul,” as a follow up to his 2009 “Soul Wash EP,” which included covers of hits by Gnarls Barkley, Spice Girls, Katy Perry and, most notably, The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army). just remember who tipped you off on this one. you heard it before he came to the states and BLEW UP in the summer of 2011….

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Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Soulman”

Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Say You’ll Be There” (Spice Girls cover)


Ray LaMontagne + Brett Dennen = Sean Hayes

it was 5am on friday morning and i had a terrible case of insomnia. unable to sleep, i headed to the living room and turned on the tv. during a commerical break, i heard a most intriguing voice singing behind a Subaru ad. i ran across the room to grab a pen and paper and started jotting down “yes, this is powerful stuff” and “moon ’round the sun” before the commercial ended. after googling for 30 seconds, i’d found him. sean hayes. thank god.

his vocals grabbed me, but the phonograph icon on his website stole my heart. i sadly read that i just missed seeing him live in new york (damn), and also saw that he’s released six albums and is a New York native. where have i been? he’s resided in san fran since 1992 and has garnered quite a folk-rock following on the west coast, has even gotten praise from Mr. JT


“Powerful Stuff” album version

“Powerful Stuff” Subaru Commerical

“Baby I Do” live @ The New Parish

Sean Hayes official site
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Sara Barielles + Lauren Pritchard = Devyn Rush

At the start of the month, i had the pleasure of seeing this tiny little one belt her heart out to an intimate crowd of loyal fans at Sullivan Hall. the mellow vibe was complemented well by the acoustic trio, including a cajón and guitar player. devyn’s jaw-dropping riffs filled the room.

i was able to sneak in a few words with her post-show and found out that she started as an actress, and in 2006 was even in the original cast of the tony award winning musical, Spring Awakening (though the lauren pritchard comparison came about even before i found this out). she’s still young at just 20 years old, but is no stranger to the spotlight, having snagged her first commercial spot at just six months.

catch her when she plays the bitter end next tuesday, october 5th at 7pm.

“He’s Not You” live @ The Bitter End NY Songwriter Circle

“At Last” @ Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Devyn Rush on Myspace
Devyn Rush official site
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Stevie Wonder + David Ryan Harris = Jason Eskridge

Talkin’ bout sweet love, sweet love…to my ears.  it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the charming and sensational talent that is Jason Eskridge.

brace yourself for soul.  tennesee born and raised. you may have seen him singing back up on tour with Jonny Lang for the past two years, and Lyle Lovett 5 years prior. one of the best vocals i’ve heard, in my life. rich, smooth like chocolate riffs. flawless, i said it.

Jason’s desire as a musician is to create music that causes the listener to love God, love themselves, love their fellow man, think harder, think deeper, think broader, laugh until they cry, laugh when they want to cry, try something new, remember something old, and ultimately live life to the fullest.


“Sweet Love” Live at Jammin’ Java

“Sir Duke” Steve Wonder cover

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Jason Mraz + Jake Shimabukuro = Train.

Let’s all give Patrick Monahan a round of applause on this one, trying to captivate a teenage audience again after 10 years with a new little ditty called “Hey, Soul Sister”  *scoff*

it’s not a bad tune. it’s acutally light-hearted and fun. theres a ukulele in it (seems to be a running theme here on This+That). the music video kind of rocks. and gives me hope that the band can be a two hit wonder and not one (See: Drops of Jupiter. i don’t count Calling All Angels, as it’s a terrible song). i’m just puzzled as to why such a summery gem was released at the end of october? why not hold out for single #2 with this one? eh, anyway…that’s about all i have to say. watch now.


Hey, Soul Sister” Official Music Video

train on myspace

Hall & Oates + TLC = Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Okay, more like Ingrid Michaelson + Rosie Thomas (i.e Sheila Saputo, laughter and tears), but to understand the read title of this post, it’s necessary that you watch the first video below. but before you do….there are a few things you must know about Danielle:

She plays ukulele. appreciates great jams. sings music whilst sitting inside of a refrigerator. and most importantly, owns a space suit. her influences include Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Death Cab for Cutie, and Joanna Newsom but she also claims to have listened “to a lot of boy bands in middle school…and high school and a little in college” (right there with you, girl). a nebraska transplant living in colorado, danielle has only been performing her own music since 2006 but has made her commitment to music clear.

It doesn’t look like she’s played much on the east coast, as her past shows that i came across were mostly focused in CA and CO….but we need to get her to NY to share her Ultimate Boy Band Mix 1999!

“Rich Girl (Hall & Oates Cover)”


danielle at the sandwich on facebook

The Black Crowes + The Alternate Routes = The Telephones.

A Brooklyn-based band in which the singer possesses one of my favorite attributes – the serious vocals coming out of him juxtaposed with his appearance make you stand back and say “huh? this isn’t a lanky dude who’s 6’4 with long hair and a patchy facial hair?”  the indie-rock quartet has been featuring Adelman’s “unforgettable voice, belting clever lyrics atop tight licks, producing a larger than life, album-rock sound” since 2001.  with 2 EPs and a full length album “Fight Night At Rodeo Dodo” under their belt, they’ve graced the stages at many-a-club around The Big Apple.

One of their tunes, “Libertine” (which seems to be a focus track for them) screams Chris Robinson…a real gem of an ode to southern rock. the second track “Sitcom Writer” floods me with memories of an EP The Alternate Routes put out 5 years ago. on sonicbids, their claims are mighty – “The best original songs and the best unsigned band in New York City” …but what do you think?


“Libertine” live on Fearless Music

Click and listen/download this one too: Sitcom Writer


Adele + Colbie Caillat = Emily Warren.

This vocally astounding 17 year old is a multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar and bass from what i see..but i wouldn’t be surprised if she had more up her sleeve.  i’m assuming she lives just outside of nyc…as she’s played Sullivan Hall a few times over the past 6 months, as well as numerous other venues in the city including the bitter end, bowery poetry club, webster hall and crash mansion.

on her 2 song EP (including the songs “Are You Okay” and “For A While”), Warren worked with superstar producer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Sublime, Regina Spektor).  Emily’s myspace profile sums it up pretty nicely: “Her songs are both streetwise and sweet, and run the gamut from upbeat reggae to latin-tinged ballads to full-fledged rockers.”

she’s got the adele chops and jazzy riffs accompanying that likable laid back dollop-of-whipped-cream colbie caillat thing going on.  she better get ready for the ride she’s got ahead of her, because i can only assume incredible things are in her future. (hey emily, call me sometime and let’s become friends before you’re opening for mraz and winehouse, eh?)


“Water In Your Hands” 6.18.09 @ The Bitter End

“For A While” 5.9.09 @ Crash Mansion

emilywarrenmusic.com (directs to myspace)